A peep from hibernation

Just a short post to say I am alive and well 🙂

Life’s priorities have taken a twirl and craft blogging unfortunately had to be pushed down the list. Atleast for a month more at the moment.  I have so much to share and waiting for those days of settled blogging bliss when all I will do is crochet, craft and blog uninterrupted 😉

I will be away on vacation from tomorrow for more than a month until mid August. And will have to move house within a fortnight after our return !!! Yeah I have my hands and head all in a bind already. Last one week, I have been busy clearing closets, drawers, boxes, and shelves !! The house is already in a ‘transit’ state, with boxes, bags, suitcases, dismantled furniture and travel luggage lying around.

Well, I will not burden you with my relocating and travel stresses. Just thought I must let you know, I am alive, well and stressing ( a LOT) !!! I am missing reading all your lovely posts and hope you are all doing fine.

Auf Wiedersehen 🙂


12 comments on “A peep from hibernation

    • Aww ! That is so sweet and kind of you to make me feel wanted and important 😉 Had a great but busy holiday. Now busy with the move and preparing for the nightmare of unpacking and settling down ;(
      Hope you, the twinnage and Mr.Stoic had a wonderful summer 🙂


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