Back to the grind !

Its been a looooong time, that I have almost lost the motivation to post 😦

The vacation, dotty’s uni admissions and house hunting have sucked out all thoughts of ‘myself’ !!

I want to scream now , ‘leave me alone…I want to be myself, live for myself’ !!  I know I am sounding a wimp, but honestly, FAMILY is a LOT of sacrifice !!!!!! Intangible and immeasurable !! And yes, most rewarding too 🙂

This holiday, I took all my amigurumis with me and displayed them in the glass cabinets back home since I had no space to display or store all of them where I currently reside. Also, I thought I need to make space for the newer ones I was hoping to make.

But on my return  two weeks back, I was engulfed by this futile feeling 😦 When I realised, all that I created would be just stuffed into glass shelves and remain there for god knows how many years, the futility of my creativity and effort hit me deep. And believe me, I decided not to crochet any more amis !!!!

Today, I logged into wordpress, and pinterest and I must confess your comments and all the repins have made me reverse my decision !!! I told my daughter,’ look how cute they are, I must make them, even if they are going to collect dust and stuffed into shelves and boxes !!!’

Thank you all so much for giving me back my mojo 🙂 I am now a firm believer in the power of virtual friendships !

Although all my energies at the moment are focussed on our move, (two weeks from now ) I am going to try crocheting an ami for my Saturday series.

I know I have a lot of catching up to do and will soon visit your pages 🙂 I sorely missed hanging out here with you and hope you all had a wonderful summer and a great  time 🙂


9 comments on “Back to the grind !

  1. I think you are a very talented amigurumist. Can you believe it I don’t actually have a lot of my work around? Just a few faves and some people have made for me. I sell mine for myself and charity at markets. Angels and fairies are popular at children’s hospitals and centers. Christmas decs are very popular and of course dog and cat toys. I am working on an exhibition at the moment but I must share my recent “crafivist” work with you.
    You are too hard on yourself. Amigurumi is only easy to people who can do it. Many people find it difficult. XXX


    • Thank you as ever for your unflinching encouragement 🙂 Honestly, but for the encouragement from friends like you, I couldn’t have come this far as an amigurumist. It is just that suddenly I realised my creations were consuming the space around me and they were just serving what I call a ‘feel good whim’ 🙂 Especially because I do not sell what I create. Maybe I should afterall.

      That is so wonderful to learn you are working on an exhibition. Are you going solo ?Will have a look at your ‘crafivist’ page in a bit 🙂 apologies for this late reply.


  2. Welcome back… I have missed you and your lovely creations!
    You can always try a bit of yarn storming… leave a few of your amis out in ‘the wild’ with a note telling the finder to keep and enjoy them… think of all those smiles you would put on the faces of strangers 🙂


    • Thank you for that warm welcome and I have missed your interesting posts too 🙂

      Yarn storming is an exciting idea !! I can already imagine the eye brow raising expressions on the finder’s face 🙂 I might try this during Christmas time to add to the fun !! Thank you for the brilliant idea. I just recently read about such ‘finder’s keep gifts’ doing the rounds in American malls.


  3. It’s good to have you back. I love your amis! Please don’t stop. The world needs more kind and creative people like you. You never know who you are inspiring through your work. You can always count me as one of them!


    • OMG, an amateur inspiring a seasoned expert !!! I cant for the life of me make anything like the rainbow donkey !!!!

      Its very kind of you to pat and prod me on 🙂 It is people like you, who make me want to carry on honestly. Thank you so much 🙂

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  4. I have featured your wonderful creations you made for me in a couple live action skits I have posted during your absence… one of them just two days ago! They are certainly not just sitting around to look pretty in my care!

    Glad to see you back and doing fine!


    • Ha ha !! Although I loved Buster and ES and thoroughly enjoyed making them, I at once felt this ‘prized possession’ (pun intended !) should belong to you. Feel so happy they are alive, well and in action 🙂

      Thank you so much. It is lovely to be seeing you again 🙂 Will visit the Buster posts in a bit 🙂


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