Saturday amigurumi 20 – super simple doll

This post is an effort to fight the ‘futility’ virus that I am afflicted with 🙂 You can read about it here.

Attempting to self -heal,  I woke up this morning and crocheted a white ball aimlessly. What do I do with it ? My mind simply revolted to crocheting tiny hands, legs, and ears.

Towards midday, I had a brilliant lazy solution !!!! Eurekha ! I grabbed a wooden bead, threaded it and crocheted a round granny skirt !!  A few more rounds in brown for hair and beads and buttons for legs and hands. I was done !!

Yay !!! I beat it 🙂  I made it to my 20th Saturday !!! What more, this is a mixed media amigurumi !!!  I like the sound of that. Sounds pretty pro and ‘in’ eh ?

Meet Beady, the simplest crochet doll I ever made !!!


      WP_20140906_002                       WP_20140906_007


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