Saturday amigurumi 21 – Home sweet home !

I am sure my regular readers can guess where this week’s amigurumi inspiration comes from !!

Where else but, from the harrowing experience of a house move ! The reason behind this neglected blog with pending comments and pile of unread posts on my Reader 😦

Ah, it is all finally over and I am almost settled. By which I mean, I have the time and a comfortable seat to crochet and blog at last ! Shhhh its been a week since the move and I still have crates unpacked lying around but I have shoved them away from sight. Out of sight, out of mind 🙂 Secret to earning time and space for the lazy and tired 😀

With not many to appreciate the hardwork behind the move (yeah my guys are not very forthcoming when it comes to nice words for others 😉 ), I decided to reward myself this house !!

Honestly, designing and crocheting this house cheered me up so much and I am very happy the way it turned out. 

a closer look

Strangely I did not find any good patterns for a crochet house or cottage and had to design one myself . As it seems, it did not turn out bad except for a wonky chimney 🙂



9 comments on “Saturday amigurumi 21 – Home sweet home !

    • Thank you and apologies for this belated reply. Oh the cupboard door does a neater job !! The table cloth is reserved for the SOS tidy ups before an unexpected and unwanted important visitor LOL !!


  1. I hope your real house is as beautiful as this one. Glad the move is over. But you’re concerned about non-unpacked boxes after a mere WEEK?! Some of us take *cough* years to fully unpack. *blushes* Hope you’re settled in your new home.

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