Saturday amigurumi 23 – An autumn tree

Autumn is here and trees are changing colours. I simply love autumn and the splendid shades of yellow, orange and red.

After crocheting the coconut tree last week, I got a bit ambitious to attempt a crocheted autumn tree.

 I went back to my old photocopying technique since Google guru did not return any good results of a crocheted tree :). I grabbed a picture off the net (hope I am not violating any copyright issues here !!) and tried all my crochet knowledge to come up with this one, without leaves !

I think I am pleased with the result and plan to add some autumn leaves. But I guess it looks pretty looking bare.

You think, I should add some colourful leaves ?




6 comments on “Saturday amigurumi 23 – An autumn tree

    • Ha ha !! absence of a squirrel on that tree seems almost like saying, ‘you have a cage there without an occupant’ 😉 and I thought what was missing were the leaves !!!!

      I am working on a surprise of a different kind though. Yours and ES’s comment have spurned me on 🙂 Most probably will share it sometime today !

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