Saturday amigurumi 24 – A five pointed star

I recently joined a knitting/crochet group in our neighbourhood and one of the ladies there, asked if I could crochet a Christmas star.

Thanks to her, today’s ami is a blue 5 pointed star. The pattern is freely available on craftsy but I have downsized it to half of its original size. I find that this pattern is easily customizable to any size.

Here you have it, a simple amigurumi star to add a little cheer this Saturday 🙂



18 comments on “Saturday amigurumi 24 – A five pointed star

  1. It is a beautiful star and I have been wondering what would be good to make for my Christmas market as well as my foxes and owls. I think I will make stars too!! I love the way we inspire and encourage each other. ❤


    • Thank you. What better than stars for Christmas !! Go ahead have a starry, glittering fair 🙂
      In fact this star is a test piece for the Christmas market our knitting group is having in November. I plan to make angels, bells, stars, wreaths and one nativity set for the centre display. There you go, some more ideas for you 😉 Hopefully, I will be able to make all that I promised them !


        • Thank you so much for that prompt feedback. I have just ventured into writing as I commented on one of your stories and learning to walk in baby steps faltering now and then !! I realise young fiction needs a lot of illustrations and that is where I am hitting the wall at the moment. I attempted something new here using my crochet creations as illustrations which is why I was looking for a feedback from writers and followers who know my craft. I love your writing . It is (nakedly)honest and powerful. Very few have that style.

          Yes, to see these in a book form is my ultimate dream 😀

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        • I am just a baby writer – beginning and learning. I suggest you join Writers’ Hub and submit your work to those in that blog who will read, evaluate, make suggestions and comments. If you would like to join, let me know and I will send you an invitation.


        • I just sent you the invitation. I sent it to the email address of youngatfify. If this is not correct, then I need the email address that you registered with WordPress. If you don’t find it in this email, please look in your SPAM or JUNK files as some of the members have found their invitation in there.


        • Thank you so much. I got the invitation and have accepted it. But on second thoughts, I prefer to use my writing identity for this, so I am wondering if it can be changed.
          Both my email and the gravatar id need to be updated. Alternatively, you can re-send the invitation if possible to the email address on my story site :
          I just had a look at the site, and it looks brilliant.


        • yes I do. The problem I guess would be that, I have signed up for the Blogging University from that same username.

          Maybe it is a good idea to carry on this conversation on the Hub ?


        • Sure! You are an AUTHOR on this site right now as YaF. When you are logged into WordPress look at the top right hand corner where your Avatar/Gravatar picture is. Click on your picture and underneath you should see the sites you are able to get into. It should have your youngat fifty and Writers Hub. You can click on Writers Hub to go into it and write a post, but in this particular post don’t leave me your email address. I will respond to your post, then you can.


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