Owl cushion

With Nablopomo on (and this is my second day already ), you will soon grow weary of seeing posts from youngatfifty

Yes, I am going to be one of those who will unfailingly post everyday for the next twenty eight days; whether you read, like or comment on my posts or not, I am determined to flaunt my vanity by sharing everything I create(d) however small or stupid it turns out to be.

Well, most of you know I moved home recently and every move for me is an opportunity to declutter the closets and in general the whole house. This means Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle !!

I am not much of a hoarder (you don’t trust me I know 😀 ) of things but I do try to reuse and repurpose a lot of stuff ; in particular, clothes and bed linen.

Unlike the previous moves, when I had a lot of time to do what I love most (repurpose clothes ! ) this time I had to go on an extended vacation prior to our move, and I had very little time to snip, snip, snip and sew !

Nevertheless, I did manage to sew up a few things. This owl cushion is made from an old smock my daughter wore 5 years ago (you read it right above, I am not a hoarder 😀 ).  I  added  the crocheted eyes and beak to jazz up the dots.

Here is the dotty Owly sitting on my bedside shelf.




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