Fabric bird keyring

I am such a hoarder that I want to use even tiny scraps of old worn out tshirts (the bigger parts went into making this quilt ). Am I even proud of this, you may ask. Honestly, proud or not, I don’t really know but I cant throw away rags !! I treasure old soft cotton fabric.

This bird keyring is about 3 years old and served well as a zip pull on my daughter’s backpack. It has been rested now to make way for the newer ones….. the owls, button dolls, rabbits, and ….I cant really remember what else is hanging from her backpack !!  She loves and collects two things. Pens and keyrings.

Not a great bird this, to flaunt and write about I admit, but it has a story to tell 🙂 And this blog is about such insignificant but feel good stories about things I made and make !!






2 comments on “Fabric bird keyring

  1. Ha ha ! I wish what you claim is true 🙂 Thank you so much for the applause 😀 Your handiwork is extraordinary. But I cant follow german 😦 although it does not deter me from visiting your blogs 🙂


Your comment gratifies me !

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