Crocheted motifs & applique 9 – Hearts

What did I fancy crocheting today ? Hearts !! Why ? Because I just felt like it and have never crocheted a heart before 😀

For a change, I decided to follow a pattern and there are tons out there.  I chose three different patterns from here, here, and here.  But my favourite is the second one from Little birdie secrets which is the simplest, easiest and quickest. The whole pattern is just one line !!! I loved it.



2 comments on “Crocheted motifs & applique 9 – Hearts

    • Wow, I am so happy for you that your pattern was selected as a teaching aid. I can imagine that feeling of pride !
      I just visited your link, it looks simple but the result is fantastic. Now this is one more reason to learn knitting. I don’t seem to ever go beyond the casting level LOL !! But I have promised myself to learn to knit before 2014 ends 😀


Your comment gratifies me !

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