Fabric Recycling 1 – Zippered rag pouch

There is more to rags than you can think . And I cant tire talking of them 🙂 These are not pieces of brand new cloth leftover from sewing projects or quilting. No way. These are leftover pieces from sewing projects no doubt. But from old worn out clothes ! They are what are called rags 😀

Okay here is another project I made with yes, rags. A small patchwork pouch or wristlet with a zipper to hold some change, keys and cards. A very handy pouch to make a dash to the market for essentials !

This is a technique called string piecing which quilters apparently use, and I have been wanting to try it eversince I came across it months back. I fell in love with this technique because we can attach randomly shaped and sized pieces and create a beautiful random patchwork fabric. No symmetry or uniformity in size and shape !! Just what I wanted to join all my rags 😀

So here it is my string pieced rag pouch with a zip.


the other side
the other side


If you have a good memory, then store these pieces in your head. You will need to recall and match these, with something I intend posting soon 😉




2 comments on “Fabric Recycling 1 – Zippered rag pouch

    • I expected you would 🙂 I came across string piecing when I was searching for toy furniture strangely !!! There was a lady who was using rags to make table runners and table mats for a doll house. All you need is one side of the piece should be straight, the rest doesn’t matter. You just keep attaching the sides as you sew these pieces on a backing cloth. You can trim off the patchworked fabric to any size you want later. There is a youtube video.


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