Saturday amigurumi 28 – Pip a cuddly dog

I am super excited to share my Pip with you ! Do you remember Cuddles I made last year ?

Ever since I made Cuddles, I have been wanting to go back and re-create one more. Especially because I am one of those who is for patterns to be simple without taking away the beauty or main characteristics of the object. I am not a fan of difficult and complicated patterns ! One of the reasons why I end up designing my own amigurumis since I am always looking for short cuts and  alternative ways to avoid small and difficult parts !

And so was born the idea of blob animals last year andCuddles was my first creation ! Can you believe, it has taken me one full year to just go back to that idea ? Having revisited Cuddles, and having made Pip yesterday, I now realise how much we can learn from just looking back on our creations. I can surely say, my techniques and designing have far improved from last year !! I can see it myself. Pip too has many a design fault which you cannot see but I can ! I plan to crochet a couple more before I am actually happy with the design. Surely this will not take a year !

I know I am going overboard with my designing blah blah … but I just want to share, that I am learning and I can see my faults !!!! 

Okay, here is my Pip 🙂 Enjoy him as much as I am. Pip surely is on the top of my favourites by far ! But don’t be surprised to see him in a better avatar sometime soon 😉



close up

close up

his back and tail

his back and tail

just another view !

just another view !





8 comments on “Saturday amigurumi 28 – Pip a cuddly dog

    • Heeee heee ! strange, but that is exactly what I was doing, when I made him ! shake his wee tail and was giggling all over like a kid. If you didn’t know by now, I AM crazy 😀 So glad you liked him, and he is wagging his tail for you LOL !


    • I promise I will. I am really thrilled and excited about being able to learn and self-correct and discover newer ways. I guess, as with everything else in life, the more you do, the more you learn and perfect whatever the skill it is. I re-discovered the thrill of learning after a loooooong gap !!!

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