42 day blogathon !

                                                blog marathon2That is right. I decided to run a marathon. A blogathon. You will all agree, this blog has been ailing for a while with creaking knees and joints.

I thought its time to pull up my socks and just start running. I mean writing. No, I mean posting. Err.. I mean blogging. Hmm, no, I mean crafting.  Actually I mean writing about my craft 😀

I am one of those who does need a powerful shove to get me to write or post. I can crochet, craft and create stuff all the time, but really need to push myself to write about it. I have so much to share (and the reason for this blog’s existence is to have a digital archive of my masterpieces !!!) but never got around to doing it. One reason why, I signed up to Nablopomo last two years. This year, it was an epic fail because of my craft fairs (more about this later).

So, I thought, why do I need any POMO to push me to post everyday. I will set my own deadline and rules. I even made myself a badge to look real and motivate me :D.  Can you believe, it just dawned on me yesterday, that the year is going to end !!! Eurekha  😀

That means a lot to me. End of an year . For one thing, this blog is nearing its anniversary (second). More importantly, at the end of every year, I do a mental balance sheet of sorts – of things done, not done, poorly done, lost, failed, neglected, disappointed, mishandled …….. you get the drift  😉

So, it is extremely important, that I have something to show to myself :D.  Hence this marathon.

My apologies to my followers, if I am clogging their feeds in the coming days. Because when you run a marathon, you tend to run a tad faster at times (means you can see more posts on a single day!) and pace down a little when you are panting and out of breath !! (means you will see just one post a day).

I know most of you will be busy with the holidays and will have little time to check on your feeds. So, clogging it, will be akin to junk mail I guess  😉

Brace yourself for de-cluttering your feeds.





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