Crochet waffle cowl

Ready, set, Go !!!!!

Here is the first post of my blogathon !  A warm winter cowl I crocheted last week and wore it for my weekend shopping 🙂

I don’t know how many of you who crochet have tried the waffle stitch. It is a brilliant, simple stitch that gives a thick, textured fabric.

The stitch is pretty versatile, and we can vary the size of the waffle to get a narrow or a wide one. I went for the narrowest because I wanted a tight snug fit. This stitch I discovered is ideal for winter accessories like cowls, hats, scarves and fingerless gloves. I loved the snug fit and might crochet one more !

So, here is the waffle stitch cowl with a shell edging.

edited cowl


waffle stitch cowl


12 comments on “Crochet waffle cowl

  1. I love your cowl and I have a friend I am making some fingerless gloves for after my Christmas stuff is finished. I might give that waffle stitch a go. I have some lovely aussie alpaca yarn from a friend’s Alpaca farm.


    • Glad you like the cowl 🙂 This one in particular I made it to a snug tight fit, because these days I am not able to tolerate the biting cold winds on my neck and the scarves are too heavy at times. I wanted a thick fabric which the waffle stitch was just perfect for.

      It would be wonderful with the alpaca yarn. You can have a wider stitch – 2FPDC and 2BPDC that will bring out the beauty of the pattern, and also be less bulky/thick. Depending on the climate it is meant for, you can chose the stitch.

      I made a pair of fingerless gloves in the same stitch for my daughter a couple of weeks back. Suddenly this place has turned cold in the last couple of weeks and I am refurbishing all our winter accessories !!
      I will post it tomorrow,check it out.

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    • Ha ha !! the snugness I thought depends on one’s fitting choices ! You can make it as loose as you want of course 🙂
      All my previous cowls were so lose and I would shiver when the chill cold wind blew into me. So, I decided I will not let any bit of that cold biting chill get into me … from the top 😀

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