Easy crochet lacy Christmas bell pattern

I know there are a lot of beautiful patterns available for Christmas bells online, and I have myself tried a few of them over the years. Click here to see what I made last year.

Although the patterns found online are fairly simple, not many are easy for a beginner. So, here is a very easy, simple and quick bell you can crochet in about ten minutes or less ! What more, it is lacy and beautiful too !  This can be crocheted both in acrylic yarn and cotton thread.

bell2 with yarn type

bell with yarn type


A last minute decoration / gift for family and friends that works up in a breeze !

The pattern is available for download on my etsy shop.



4 comments on “Easy crochet lacy Christmas bell pattern

    • Was looking forward to your feedback 😉 you have a keen eye for design techniques !!! True, have made so many bells from different patterns and know not all of them stand stiff. Reason why, as with everything else, I had to come up with my own pattern 🙂 thank you !!

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