Fabric Recycling 2 – Rag quilt

My regular followers by now know my love for rags. Old and used cotton clothing. They are my best canvas !!!

And every relocation as I have shared before, gives me a fantastic opportunity to de-clutter the wardrobe. What I mean, is collect material for my ragged experiments ! Professionals I guess call it textile designing or textile art 😀

To me, it is just plain recycling of fabric. I use them to make all kinds of useful stuff. Things necessary for everyday living. From bags, purses, pouches, napkins, table runners, coasters, quilts, decorations (list here is endless .. birds, owls, dolls) to cushions and key chains. Phew ! There are so many things you can make with fabric as much as you can with a bundle of yarn 😀

This quilt below was made this summer before I left for my vacation. It is mostly made from t-shirts and a couple of skirts. Instead of the traditional square pieces, I just used the entire t-shirt minus the sleeves and seams !!! I had no time or the patience to cut them into smaller pieces and sew them all together. Plus I cheated 😉 I did not quilt it. I stitched it as a duvet cover and sewed it to the duvet !!

I know it is not aesthetically very appealing but I do enjoy snuggling up under it in the autumn or spring when it is neither too cold nor too warm. I just love the feeling of  homemade quilts made from old clothes. There is something very comforting about them !!!


I could not get a close up of it in one frame so here they are in two parts :




A while back I made a post about a zippered rag pouch and asked if you could park those pieces in your memory. I will help you jog your memory with the pictures below ! Match the patterns in the pouch with those in the quilt.


the other side

the other side

No brainer, the purse is made from scraps leftover from the quilt. But wait. What grade of scrap do you think this pouch was made from ? Grade of scrap ? oh yes, I have graded mine 😀

Grade 1 : Premium Big huge pieces

Grade 2 : Decent –  large sized

Grade 3 : Medium sized – very usable

Grade 4 : Small  (by other people’s standards )

Grade 5 : Palm sized

Grade 6 : Scraps – Still usable (first time the fabric gains that notoriety)

Grade 7 :Bits – too small to sew but useful enough if you know how to

Grade 8 : Shreds – you know where it should go to !

So, what grade do you think the zippered pouch was made from ? Love to hear your guesses 🙂

Don’t heave a sigh. I am not done with the rag story yet.


Ps: my other quilts are here if you are interested.



9 comments on “Fabric Recycling 2 – Rag quilt

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    • It is mostly grade 7 with a couple of pieces of grade 6 quality !
      I am glad you like my quilt ideas 🙂 Not many appreciate the worth of rags 😀 You can see it from the number of comments here …yours is the only one 😉

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