Ho! Ho ! Ooooo !!!

I am reblogging this Santa because I love him 🙂 I wanted to make a miniature version this year, but sadly could not manage it. To all those blogger friends who are going to wean away from their blogs, here is me and Santa wishing you a merry Christmas and a healthy, hearty New Year !!! 

HO HO HO !!!

Things I want to create before wrinkles overwhelm me

I am back into the Xmas mood after going on a nativity spree last month.

Don’t know what to call it, but I am kind of possessed with wanting to crochet everything I can that is to do with Christmas. And I am not even a Christian !! But I insisted my neighbour put up a Christmas tree so I could make ornaments for her ! When she did not last year (she is a spinster and goes away to visit her family) I bought her a tiny tree, and decorated it with crocheted bells, wreaths and snowflakes on x mas eve at her house !! Oh what fun we had !!

I know …I know I am digressing.  I know many of us crochet a lot of santa themed gifts … santa hats, santa beanies, etc. But I was wondering if I could attempt a Santa on his sleigh. The…

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2 comments on “Ho! Ho ! Ooooo !!!

    • I wished I had a thicker guage wire.

      I wanted to make a better sturdier sleigh this year, but couldn’t manage to 😦 I bought nice heavy guage wire to make the nativity stable and wanted to use it to model a lovely sleigh.


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