Of blogging, contests, friendships and gifts !

I cannot stop being amazed at how much blogging in the last 7 years has helped me.

I have learnt so much interacting and reading blogs of some fantastic bloggers which has reshaped many of my opinions and expanded my knowledge in various fields – from science, politics, medicine, spirituality to cultures and history.

I have gained a number of wonderful blogger friends (many of whom I have personal contact with and have even met ) both at wordpress and elsewhere and I think this is the best treasure I ever own.

This blog at wordpress, I started nearly two years ago to share my passion about everything handmade. I did not realise, that a craft blog would have so much readership and a following !!  I have some wonderful blogger friends here, and I have even participated and won a contest conducted by a blogger Evil squirrel.

Recently, he had a giveaway on his blog of his artwork. I was one among the 20 bloggers who signed up to receive one of his 2014 holiday cards. And this is what I received a few days back !!

Katie – one of his cartoon characters, from his Evil Squirrels Nest.

Thank you so much ES for this fantastic artwork !! May you and all your friends at the Nest, have a wonderful holiday and the evilest new year 😀


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