Key chains & bag charms 2 – Granny square bag charm


A while ago, out of boredom and not wanting to go back to an ‘evergreen incomplete’ project, I started to crochet tiny granny squares of all colours, hoping to use it for a nice purse or clutch some day !

Yesterday, I grabbed a couple of them in red and teal and thought I would make a simple bag charm by joining and stuffing them. I was disgusted with the way it turned out and abandoned it.

This evening I was playing around with my latest fascination and I thought why not use it to join the squares !!!! Voila !! it worked.

I am happy the way this bag charm turned out. It is bright and colourful and I have been for a long time secretly yearning for a nice bright charm for my bag, but never wanted to buy one 😀

You can see my latest discovery right in the middle of the bag charm ! What do you think that metal circle is ? The humble steel washer from the hardware store 🙂 The matryoshka key chain  in yesterday’s post is made from the same metal washers !!!

There you have it. Granny squares and metal washer bag charm !!!!




Back side. It is reversible too !

 And some more pics ….





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