Fabric Recycling 5 – Cross body denim bag

Jeans to me are the best recycling material for bags and purses. They are sturdy, durable and forever fashionable !

All through my high school, college and for most of my adult life,  I have made my own purses and bags to suit my every need ! And now I cater to most of my daughter’s needs too 🙂 Ask a woman and she will tell you the number of bags she needs 😉 Shopping bags, totes, handbags, hobo bags, beach bags, wedding purses, party purses, gift bags, jewellery pouches, ….on and on !!

This bag below is from my daughter’s jeans which she reluctantly allowed to be snipped when she could no more get into it !!

This is just the kind of ‘grab it and go’ sort of bag, that we often use on long commutes. It can hold all the essential things from books, water bottle, small shopping items, to food.

I made the strap wide intentionally, so it sits comfortably across the shoulder. I love bags and backpacks with broad straps that do not hurt the shoulders. This bag has a lovely red and white checks cotton lining that gives it a neat, finished look !

Age of this bag is 4 years and the jeans was 5 years old before it was upcycled to this new bag avatar !! Talk of durability 😉 







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