Crochet shoulder purse


This is a purse, that has an unforgettable story to tell.

To begin with, it is the first crochet purse I made for myself with an intention to use it for my long distance flight travels. Something that could hold my passport, boarding cards, wallet, phone etc. The rest normally go into my backpack.

I used it two days after it was made, on my vacation three years back ! And what a nightmare it was, I dread to think even now.

As we reached the check in, there was chaos. Conveyor belts failed, there were flight cancellations and a mad rush at every counter for getting the flights rescheduled. My daughter and I were literally hurried and chased into security and rushed into a waiting, almost taxiing aircraft.

Once in the aircraft, we were ushered into some vacant seats and the aircraft began to move away from the bay. Even before I settled into my seat, my daughter alerted me on the backpack missing on my back 😀 It is one of those occasions when you are NOT AWARE of what is on your back !!!!! I panicked, because that backpack had everything – currency, jewellery, laptop, cameras, bank cards and house keys.

I pleaded with the stewards to let me out of the aircraft, but they were one of the worst and most unhelpful air crew I ever came across in my 20 years of air travel.

This bag that hung across my shoulders (I always like to be hands free…my backpack would go on my back and I would have a small bag across my body that would have my travel documents), had my passport, boarding cards, mobile phone and twenty pounds in change !!! That is all I had on me and the aircraft was about to take off !!!

I realised I had just a few minutes before I should be switching off my mobile. I quickly called my husband and asked him to hurry to the airport, suggested he somehow meet the guys at the security and tell them I left my backpack there because they hell chased me into the aircraft !!!!! I put off the mobile before he started to swear 😀

The best part of it was, we had to transit thru Frankfurt where we had to change flights again and we were not issued boarding passes for our onward journey at Heathrow.

To cut reliving the nightmare short, on reaching Frankfurt we managed to get our onward boarding cards without a problem, and got that all important call from my husband that he managed to trace my backpack !!!!!! Phew what a relief it was I cant even tell you. Weeks later my husband joined us in our vacation with that backpack !!

So, this purse was my saviour !!!


006   011


 Washed and stashed away for memories sake ! Haven’t used it since that one time 🙂




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