Fabric Recycling 7 – Mini duffel bag

This mini duffel bag made from my daughter’s jeans is one of the oldest bags I still have. It is one of my favourites too.

I love it, that it turned out neat and the zips are near perfect. I don’t think any bag I made matches this quality. You can imagine my benchmark of a quality finish now 😀

This bag has endured the worst of treatment for years and still retains its charm and is as good as when I made it 😉

How old do you reckon this mini duffel bag is ? Exactly a decade !!!!!!!! I just calculated its age as I typed now, and even I cant believe it is that old ;). Seriously ! I made this bag when my daughter was 8 years old 🙂


Since my daughter was young I decided to make it colourful and dabbled with some paint. How do you think I made those colourful rounds ? By dipping a bottle cap in acrylic paint and stamping it. It is quite incredible, that the acrylic paint has not worn out one bit on the fabric after 10 years of rough use and washes !!!

Some more pics …

025     026





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