Recycled Pin cushion

Yeah I know, nothing great about making pin cushions. And I am sure yours are lovely and beautiful not rudimentary looking as this one.

This is different in just one thing though. What do you think the base of this pin cushion is made of ?

Why plastic bottle of course !! A dash of paint on a cut plastic bottle, and I had a very stable base for the pumpkin cushion, that could now sit or stand firm on any surface.






4 comments on “Recycled Pin cushion

    • I never used one myself until I made this last year because the pins used to be strewn around the work space and I tended to get pricked all the time 🙂

      It is true, it takes a while to get used to shoving the pins into them, but once you develop the habit it sure is a blessing, I can tell from experience. Infact I would prefer something more heavy and big ! A sock toy would be the best !!

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