Year end blog clearance !

Most of you have blogged about your recent 2014 report  from our blogging host – WordPress !

To me, that report highlighted how much more of the backlog I need to clear. But then, I did wake up to that fact long before my host was to remind me on the penultimate day of the year !! One reason why I started my blogathon two weeks back.

But, today is an IMPORTANT day for this blog. (more about it in a few hours time !) For now, I have decided to do a flash year end blog clearance 😀

I am going to post as many posts as I can until midnight. That is right. I am on a post binge  😉

I know, I know you dint ask for this when you decided to follow me. You are of course free to treat me as you would anyone who is on a binge :D.  You know what I mean.


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