Saturday amigurumi 33 – Mini Kokeshi doll

Here is an itty bitty Kokeshi doll for this Saturday.


Compare this Kokeshi to this one I made a year ago and you can tell the difference between the reluctant amateur amigurumist (that I was once !) and the crazy amigurumist that I have now grown to be !! There is one thing that I still hate crocheting – tiny legs and hands !


9 comments on “Saturday amigurumi 33 – Mini Kokeshi doll

  1. Oh! She is just so cute! My daughter always loved tiny dolls when she was small. Now here daughter likes them! I will have to take your lead and try my hand at making similar to this tiny darling!


    • Thank you Bonnie 🙂 Absolutely go for it. These can be crocheted in less than an hour and the options are just endless. However old we are, the little girl in us doesn’t ever grow up it seems 🙂
      Love to see your tiny cuties soon !

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