Saturday amigurumi 36 – Pocket Totoro

First my apologies to all my regular readers for absconding from this space for months 😦  Hope all of you are doing great. Have so missed you all.

I just returned a couple of weeks back, after a hectic 4 month working vacation when everything in life became second priority ! Add to it two bouts of flu on my return and a shocking discovery when I unpacked, that I had lost my set of crochet hooks, needles, safety eyes and all 😦 

I will save my rant for some other time when both of us are in a mood for it !  For now, enjoy pocket Totoro made from my new set of crochet hooks 🙂 I am not overly happy the way it turned out, but my daughter seems to be fine with it, since it was for her.

IMG_1914 IMG_1915 IMG_1916


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