Saturday amigurumi 37 – Chibi Mama and dotty

I have always been fascinated by Chibi characters. What I love about them is they are simplistic with least detail but are the cutest. Tumblr has some amazing crochet artists who create wonderful amigurumi. 

Inspired by them, here is my attempt at a couple of Chibis. 


This is the first one I made. But I wasnt pleased with the way she turned out. On an impulse, I crocheted this one below in the last one hour, hoping she would turn out better. But alas! Neither of them have made my day 😦 


Mama and dotty
Mama and dotty

Nevertheless, being my first Chibis, they feature in my Saturday amigurumi 🙂


7 comments on “Saturday amigurumi 37 – Chibi Mama and dotty

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    • Welcome to this space ! You are extremely generous and kind 🙂 Being appreciated by ami veterans and a guiness record holder, for a disappointing work like this, makes me feel so honoured and small at the same time !!! Thank you so much for your visit and appreciation.


    • Aww, you make me feel important 🙂 feels good to know my readers remember me !! I have missed engaging and reading you too. Your knitted snail is something I have been wanting to replicate in crochet for long.


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