As Big Ben strikes 12 heralding 2016, this blog commemorates its 3rd anniversary !!!

I made my first post exactly at 12am three years back in 2013 as I watched the world heralding 2013 on TV ! Since then, I commemorate my blogoversary at the stroke of the midnight hour !! Yay !!! this blog is now three years old. Yeah still a toddler, long way to go 😀

I am not sure how to judge my blog !!! Honestly, I do not know how this blog has performed in three years.  I cannot deny one thing surely. I certainly have gained a lot of friends here !!! And since I started this blog, I am learning more crafts and have improved my crochet skills 🙂  

But I feel guilty and little unhappy about not blogging much in 2015. I could not give this blog much attention for months in between as I had to devote all my time, attention and energies to matters more important. But I am very happy it is all now finished and behind me. 2015 was a very happening and successful year for me personally. 

I hope 2016 is a creative and crafty year and I promise to myself that I will post at least twice a week !!! I wish all my friends, followers and readers a healthy, happy and successful 2016 !!!! 


6 comments on “As Big Ben strikes 12 heralding 2016, this blog commemorates its 3rd anniversary !!!

    • Thank you for the award and the new year wishes ❤ while I do agree, we blog/write when we have something to share, I feel not blogging and engaging often, gives the impression of taking your followers/friends for granted and I dont feel comfortable with that. I believe as in real life, any sincere friendship needs mutual, consistent engagement for it to flourish and blogging friendships are no exception. To be honest, this blog is important to me, and if I have neglected it not posting enough and not being able to read my followers' posts, then I must feel guilty 😉 I am one of those, who blames myself first 😀

      Wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2016 ❤ And thank you as ever for your unfailing encouragement and appreciation of all my work even if they are unworthy of such appreciation at times 😉


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