Fabric Recycling 3 – Mini puff quilt

The rag story continues from here…….

What we have so far, is a rag quilt  made from my Grade 1 (Premium !) pieces and a zippered rag pouch   made from Grade 6 rags. Actually the rag pouch is made of mostly Grade 7 rags with a couple of pieces of Grade 6 quality ! 

If you are wondering what all this grading is about, read this post on the rag quilt.

You might think, there were no more leftovers from my t-shirts after making the quilt and the rag pouch. You will be surprised how much of fabric those t-shirts are made of !

Just so, you have an idea, here is a mini puff quilt I made from the leftovers of my rag quilt. Rag pieces for this puff quilt is of Grade 5 quality !



My daughter uses this as a laptop cushion or a chair cushion during the day and a cuddle in the night ! At times it also doubles up as a pillow for additional height !

Continued ……..