Tissue roll desk tidy

Other than crochet, I love to recycle and reuse stuff lying around the house before it finds its way to the recycling bins. Plastic bottles, cardboard boxes  food/fruit trays, …even paracetamol and medicine bottles/boxes get a renewed life and are reused until they literally become useless 🙂 And that which cannot be put to any use, are used for craft. The leftovers (are there any you wonder ?) find their home in the bin. Be assured, there sure are quite a few that escape their rebirth in my hands !

I know you are already thinking, ‘my god ! her house must be a junk yard, how does her better half tolerate her !!’ 🙂 Not really I would say (what else can I say to defend myself lol).

Honestly, we can create a lot of storage reusing most of these. I will share with you, in a subsequent post about these storage solutions.

Now, to the humble everyday empty tissue rolls. There is many a use for it. And tissue roll crafts galore. But here is one of my creations which is nearly two years old and going strong !!!

A tissue roll pen/stationery desk tidy.  A place for your pens, pencils, brushes, scissors, refills, and USB sticks . This is serving my daughter pretty well on her desk !

No. I have not filled it up for a photo shoot !!   My dotty uses a lot of pens and pencils for her sketches and writing. cropped pen stand