Saturday amigurumi 43 – Micro / miniature Kokeshi doll

2016 seems to be unearthing some hitherto unknown courage in me 😉

Last week, I dared myself to attempt a micro owl. And can you imagine what I crocheted this Kokeshi doll with ? Embroidery floss !!! I am pinching myself, honestly. I seriously never thought I could do this someday. I have come to realise a fundamental life lesson in this !! The reason behind many things we think we cannot do, is very simple …  it is an EXCUSE 😀 Not fear, phobia or diffidence ! 

Here is my micro / miniature Kokeshi doll. She has turned out smaller than the micro owl. Measures about 0.5 inch in width and about 2 inches in height.


Micro owl and Kokeshi

                                                Micro owl and Kokeshi doll