Saturday amigurumi 42 – Tiny micro owl

I hope all of you had a wonderful christmas and a lovely time !!!

I have for long dreaded crocheting with tiny hooks and thread 😦 For reasons of both sight and grip, I have shied away from attempting this and admired in awe those crochet miniature artists like Su ami and others.

But the side lamp that I bought recently has been such a blessing and a motivation !!! I picked up that dreaded 1.50 mm hook and the peach cotton thread I so lovingly bought years ago (and sparingly used), and attempted my all time favourite owl pattern. Voila !!!!!! Atlast I crocheted something which is just about 1 inch in height !!! Does this qualify for a micro amigurumi ??? To me it certainly does 😀 


perched on my finger !!

perched on my finger !!


my tiniest ever amigurumi !

my tiniest ever amigurumi !



5 comments on “Saturday amigurumi 42 – Tiny micro owl

    • Thank you ! Those buttons were the only ones that fitted his tiny frame ! I am not saying this to just please you, but I was just wondering how a micro squirrel or ES would be:) Seriously, when I finished this owl, I thought my next micro project should be a squirrel I dont know why !!!


  1. A round of applause from Australia. That is one sequel inducingly cute micro Owl. Gotta love those micromagumis. Also I saw the movie with my son and that white robot health care thingy is totally adorable. Happy new year and all the best for a great 2016!

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    • Yay !!!! Thank you for that loud applause 😀 Feeling so buoyant !!!! This micro guy was not as difficult as I thought. I guess half of our phobias in life are just that …mere phobia !!!! I am yet to see the movie but will before the end of the year. Wish you a lovely holiday and a healthy, successful and happy 2016 to you, your son, and your family !! That includes the canines 😀

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