Wanna know me ?

Right, you landed on this page wanting to know, who this person is, who is overwhelmed by her wrinkles !! I am obliged to satiate your curiosity 😀

Well, am just another one-time software professional, now a seasoned homemaker (a great deceptive term for a glorified housewife !) who hates doing her dishes but loves to cook a quick meal. 

Like many of you, I am a passionate crocheteer (is that even a word ?) and probably unlike you, a recycle/repurpose fanatic, hoarder of old clothes (I hardly ever buy new fabric for sewing projects …. and for the big projects I always have some bed sheet or duvet cover !!) and lastly, a junk crafter (even paracetamol/medicine boxes sometimes don’t find their way into the recycling bins). Phew ! that is quite a flattering bio you would think 😉

This blog is to share all the things that I have made, or want to make. What challenges me most about craft blogging is taking pictures.

For one thing I am lazy to click (ahem ..touch ) that camera icon on my phone while I am making stuff and if I did remember to take pictures then I feel daunted by the thought of uploading and editing them, before they can get inserted into posts !

I admire all you ladies (that is sexist), no, crafters of all genders out there who are so committed and post such great blogs with fantastic images, almost every day. Any remedies for lethargic camera touch syndrome ?

Thank you so much for stopping by this page and getting to this point ! Welcome aboard and have a wander around however brief or extended. 

And while you wander, leave behind a silver trail like the slugs of your visit ;). You know how to do that 😀


22 comments on “Wanna know me ?

  1. I love your cornflower design and have tried in vain to download the pattern. I live in France and want to crochet some cornflowers in time for Nov 11th – it is the French equivalent of the poppy 🙂 Hoping to make some sort of display – how can I get your fab design??

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    • I am so sorry, I have removed the pattern from a free download about a year ago. I was planning to put the pattern up for sale on my etsy shop but never got around to doing it. I just returned after a 4 month vacation last week ! I will list the pattern on my shop in a day or two. Would that be alright ? Thanks for your appreciation of the design 🙂


  2. I have nominated you for a Leibster award

    your questions are:
    1: What is it that you are best at craft wise
    2: When and why did you start to blog
    3: What is your favourite yarn and why
    4: What would be your dream project
    5: where do you see yourself n 5 years
    6: What would be your dream job
    7: How did you learn your craft
    8: Are you a messy crafter…tell the truth
    9: What age were you when you started
    10: Who taught you


  3. Thank you for visiting and liking my blog. I hope you will enjoy my upcoming posts in the next few months. I am now a follower of your blog.
    As far as being shutter shy…my camera lives on my computer desk as does my sewing machines and crafting supplies. I have an L-shaped desk in my office.
    Ta Ta for now, Cathy the Bagg Lady


    • Oh ! thank you so much 🙂 I was nominated for this once before but for reasons I don’t remember now, I did not follow it through !!
      To be honest, I do not know what I am expected to do now. What happens after I answer those questions and how do I go about answering them ??
      And how does one get the award ? Toooooo many questions ;(
      you have a wonderful blog and even if it is in german (I can read a few words of german there, so I presume it is german !) I enjoy your English translations.


    • yeah, photography is something beyond me I must concede. I cant get a hang of lighting, shadows, angle, blah blah ….

      Thank you so much for the sunshine blogger award. That is very kind of you. I would love to join in, but to be honest, I have not been regular here in the last few weeks. I am extremely busy until the first week of feb. As you can see, I am replying to your comment of jan 13 only today 😦
      I hope you don’t mistake me 🙂 Will catch up with your posts soon.


  4. Hi and thanks for liking my latest blog. Glad that there are a few of us crocheters out there…I hear the latest to come out of the yarn stash is Katy Perry! There is a chance I may be trendy before I hit 60. Happy times. M


    • Thanks for your visit, follow and comment 🙂 All my very best wishes for your trendy aspirations !! I love your needle felting softies. I always thought needle felting was tough. May your fingers keep hooking and needling 🙂 the felt I mean 😉


    • Thanks for dropping by this page. yeah one thing that I will never learn I guess is photography !! Today I was trying so hard to get my shadow out of the frame for nearly 15 mts and my daughter was taking pictures of my struggle to photograph a bag !! what mockery and humiliation 😉

      I am glad you like visiting these pages. Hope to see you here more often. Will catch up with your posts soon.


  5. Hello! Thanks for the like and the follow. 🙂 Its so nice to meet you – a fellow crafter and “crocheteer” (great word!) As for pics, well mostly I use my phone camera (because I am lazy 😦 ) and I use pixlr to edit them. Pixlr Express is really simple to use and has lots of nice effects, cropping and resizing tools. (No affiliation, other than pure love, haha!)


    • Lovely to know you too 🙂 I use my camera phone too these days but I am so bad in lighting issues …:( I am slooooowlly learning the tricks of the trade.

      thanks for sharing about Pixlr express. will check it out.


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