Peg dolls

I made these peg ladies a few weeks back. I started with one and made a dozen of them in a couple of days. They can be as easy or as complicated as you want them to be.

I really loved making each one of them, experimenting with different things for their arms, dress and hair. For their arms I tried pipe cleaners and q-tips. Their dresses were made from pom poms, felt, rags, crochet, ric rac, wool ……whatever I could lay my hands on. You will find the hair rather plain for some, that’s because I confess, I did not know how to paint their hair !!! But soon learnt the art of hair grooming in paint !  My sincere apologies to some of them who I have inadvertently made dumb by forgetting to paint their mouths ;-D I will soon give them a mouth so they can shout ‘yooooooooooooooooooooou’ !!

And what do you think their stands are made from ? (Badly) painted tissue rolls 😉

May the ladies have a ball  😉

q-tip hands


pipe cleaner hands and simple dress


yeah her lips started to bleed because I did not know her face needed a primer !


this dress needed some sewing !


crochet round granny (with a missed stitch!) upcycled to a dress
…isn’t her hair and face much better now ? oh yes, I forgot to give her a mouth. Maybe I will now :)))

a pompom for a skirt.

a pompom for a skirt.

another of the first dolls I made. you can see the difference ;)

another of the first dolls I made. you can see the difference 😉