Crocheting with utility rope

A couple of winters back when we moved into a new flat, the kitchen floor was extremely cold since it was tiled. The doormats we had did not cover the area I wanted covered especially near the sink where it invariably gets wet. I wanted a long wide strip a couple of feet in length.  I was desperate for a solution. Voila ! Why not I crochet my own doormats I thought.

Conventional yarn was no good choice for this. My hunt began for a suitable material that would be water resistant. On one of my shopping trips,  my eye caught this rope in the DIY shelves. I examined it for its suitability for crocheting. I had earlier tried crocheting with the plastic twisted clotheslines …and gave up miserably after buying a few bundles confidently thinking it would work fine 😦 Once bitten twice wiser now, I ensured it wasn’t a wasteful investment.  Financial risks once evaluated, and confirming the suitability, I bought my ropes and started to crochet the moment I reached home !!! It took me a couple of hours to finish one but I must say I loved the feel on my feet standing in the kitchen and doing my worst chore – doing dishes 😦

What kind of a rope is it ? This one below .

I know what you are thinking of me already !! But I will give you that freedom and right of course 🙂

Here, have a look at these below. We have since moved from that house and so have these ! They occupy a pride of place now …. in the bedrooms, dining room and lounge !

In the lounge

In the lounge

Under the dining table

Under the dining table

another view with the chairs....we have been using this last one year

another view with the chairs….we have been using this last one year

The strip above has been lying incomplete for months now for want of rope ! I got a new purple colour last week, and I plan to finish this soon with a purple edging. This purple one.


These doormats have lasted me more than 3 years and are easily washable and are light weight. You can do any pattern, but I chose to do a granny rectangle so it is easy to dust stuff off the holes.

I will be delighted to know what you think of them.


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